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7 inch NON-Plastic compostable CPLA 100% Compostable Cutlery Set Disposable Utensils


These Compostable spoons, forks and knives are great for use for any event or outdoor gathering!
They are durable and completely compostable in a commercial facility.

Impressively sturdy enough to stand up to multiple washings in the dishwasher!
Each set comes with 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 spoon, all in a sealed compostable PLA wrapper. Easy!


Certified compostable cutlery suitable for food waste recycling.

Sleek and stylish, sturdy and practical. Great for hot or cold food.



What’s the point of disposables being compostable?

The short answer – compostable is preferable to biodegradable.
Compostable disposables are designed to be recycled in an industrial composting facility together with food waste. That means there’s no need for sorting, and the compostable cup, lid, burger box, knife and napkin can all go together without removing the ketchup and leftover chips. An extra bonus is that once food and disposables share one bin, other dry recycling bins are cleaner and easier to recycle.


Warm Tips:

Being biodegradable means that they will degrade from the action of naturally-occurring micro-orgasms such as bacteria, fungi or algae.


Our standard 100% Compostable cutlery sizes are as below:

5" small spoon

6" spoon

7" spoon

6" fork

7" fork

6" knife

7" knife


Free samples are available if request for quality review. For other size not listed but request, we can make new moulds to suit. 


Customers can choose their own cutlery color and designs. Individual wrapped cutlery pack with bio film are available.  



other customized colors :


packing box:

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